Merchant Banking

Sarthi believes in offering pragmatic advice to its clients on various capital market related issues and services enabling the companies to derive economic benefits in the long run. Its strength has been a deep understanding of capital markets earned over years of experience. With its in-built knowledge and innovative skills, Sarthi has developed a niche in the securities arena, thus paving a growth path for the companies across industries.

Sarthi’s Capital Market Services include:

  • 1. Listing:

Through its distinct service offerings, Sarthi assists companies wanting to go public. Our services include IPOs, Rights Issues, Private Placement/ Preferential issues and Convertible Securities Offerings.

We believe that the SMEs are poised to become the next big opportunity in the Indian markets and hence offer SME Listing service as a focus area. In continuous efforts to keep posted and share information focusing listing service, Sarthi has launched a knowledge portal. “www.smelisting.net”

Please click here for companies listed by Sarthi:

  • 2. Delisting/ Dilution:

    Sarthi has devised a full spectrum of services designed to facilitate and ease the entire process of de-listing/ dilution of equity shares of a company.